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Category intelligence
10 mins

Category Intelligence - Maintenance, Repair and Operation

Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) plays a crucial role in ensuring supply chains run smoothly. The industry delivers spare parts and maintenance services to industries in all sectors to make…

3 mins

Food fraud in supply chains

$40m Food Seized As Supply Chain Fraud Rises INTERPOL seized $40m worth of food and drinks supplies over the summer! Law enforcement agencies and private sector companies from 77 countries took part…

Supply chain management
12 mins

Supply chain management in healthcare

Supply Chain Management in Healthcare Contemporary healthcare is among the greatest achievements of the modern world. Since 1900, the average life expectancy across the globe has more than doubled…

Supply Chain
5 mins

Supply chain mapping example - Mars

Supply Chain Mapping In Action: Mars Eliminates Deforestation “The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today.” This phrase has driven Mars for the last 100 years. As one of the most…

Strategic sourcing
6 mins

What is strategic sourcing & why is it important?

What is strategic sourcing and why is it important? Strategic sourcing is a procurement process that creates ever-greater value for a business by focusing on the entire life-cycle of a product and…

Operational resilience
5 mins

How should you structure your operational resilience team?

47% of UK businesses are currently experiencing a lower turnover than this time last year. The coronavirus pandemic has brought home the necessity to be able to service customers through any…

Risk management
5 mins

What is regulatory reporting and why is it so important?

Regulatory reporting is the submission of data to a relevant authority in order to demonstrate compliance with the necessary regulatory provisions. In simpler terms, it is the process businesses and…

Risk management
7 mins

Must know tools and techniques to improve risk management

Risk management is vital for virtually all businesses, especially given the precarity of the current global economy. But according to research from Ropes and Gray , 69% of executives have expressed a…

Operational resilience
7 mins

What are the FCA operational resilience guidelines and what do they mean for me?

Prevent. Adapt. Respond. Recover. Learn. The UK Financial Services regulators are seeking assurance that firms in the sector protect their operational resilience . The Bank of England, Financial…

Fraud Prevention
4 mins

How to verify legitimate businesses

£140bn is lost to fraud each year by the UK private sector. From fake invoices to counterfeit goods, fraudsters are getting more and more intelligent and businesses are being targeted for their high…

Operational resilience
8 mins

Roadmap to operational resilience in 8 steps

COVID-19 has been the single biggest disruption to the global economy in the last decade. It has made a lot of us review how autonomous we are, and how much our organisations rely on a smooth supply…

Commercial Due Diligence
7 mins

A guide to commercial due diligence

Commercial due diligence is the process a prospective buyer institutes in order to assess a target company’s commercial viability prior to purchase negotiations. The aim is to achieve a full overview…

Supply Chain
18 mins

Supply Chain Visibility Must Be a Priority Post-Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has ripped a hole through our illusions of a stable, resilient globalised supply chain. Nearly 75% of companies report major pandemic-related disruptions to their…

Supply Chain
10 mins

What Is Supply Chain Management - and Why Is It So Important?

40% of food being procured in the USA is lost during its journey from field to fork. And while such waste might seem extraordinary, the food industry is in fact far from unique in this regard. From…

Supply Chain
13 mins

What is Supply Chain Mapping?

Treat yourself and Dine In For Two after a busy week and you’re the final actor in a chain of 938,813 people in 56 territories around the world. Supply chain mapping is what makes Marks & Spencer…

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