We collect, manage and monitor supplier data, so you don’t have to

Contingent securely captures data and provides new insights on millions of suppliers and contractors, reducing the administrative strain on procurement teams.

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Save time and effort with market-leading search

Instantly learn more about your supplier, what the company supplies, what they charge, when to negotiate and who and how they are managed with our powerful search tool.

Ensure compliance with data and visualisations

Confidently meet your internal & regulatory requirements with unmatched compliance, beneficial ownership visualisations, adverse media, sanctions & screening data and slavery & human trafficking data.

Greater visibility of the entire supply chain

A single source of truth on suppliers that gives you more detail and depth on your supply chain and supply chain map.

Promote sustainable, ethical and diverse sourcing

Market-leading sustainability, ESG and diversity data that goes beyond to add real commercial value to you and your enterprise.

Confirm performance and prevent questionnaire fatigue

Companies get assessed once and share everywhere, so you know instantly whether a supplier has the capacity, certifications, processes, compliance and capabilities needed.

Export and download

Download CSV’s and PDF’s for internal forward distribution or to archive. Our unique ID ensures you can map Contingent supplier data with your own internal data.

Monitoring, Alerts & Reporting

Access real-time analytics, insights and monitoring that helps you answer the important questions when and how you need them answered.

Build operational resilience with Contingent

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